2022 UConn DMD BFA Senior Exhibition

Student Work



Chaofan Yu

Jinan, China - Hamden, CT

BFA (Motion Design & Animation)
Advisor: Heejoo Kim

App/Interactive Prototype
Link to Vista

Vista is a mobile travel application that combines UI design and UI animation with a fully functional user interface prototype. The app encourages users from around the world to explore different scenic routes and landscapes near them as well as allowing users to plan trips to their desired destination. The word Vista means “a pleasant view,” which represents the idea behind this application. Its design inspiration came from vector style illustrations and minimalistic aesthetics; I wanted to make something that's visually pleasing while also maintaining all the functionalities of a travel app with additional features to improve the user experience. The reason I decided to create this project is because I have always had a love for landscapes and sceneries, and through Vista, I was able to showcase what I've learned here at DMD during the past four years while designing around a purpose that I'm passionate about.

Artist Bio

Chaofan is a graphic designer and motion animator with a strong passion for UI/UX design. As a Senior at the Digital Media & Design Department, Chaofan is now dedicating his time to improving his skills in User Experience design with the goal to work as a UI/UX designer in the future while incorporating his animation skills to enhance and elevate communication aspects in UI designs. Having been raised in China and grown up in America, the experiences of moving to an entire new environment at a young age made Chaofan realize the importance of inclusivity and as a designer, he tries his best to reflect such aspect in his works. Despite starting off his animation career with traditional 2D story-telling animations, Chaofan has slowly made a transition to more design focused animations in order to better utlize his design skills with this new style.


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