2022 UConn DMD BFA Senior Exhibition

Student Work



Brenna Ashby

Hopedale, MA

BFA (3D Animation)
Advisor: Dan Pejril

3D Animation
2 min 17 sec

Evolution aims to showcase the change in technology through time using the spear as a platform. Many people only refer to evolution as the change in humans over time and overlook the vast changes in technology that took place alongside them. I attempt to create scenes in four different periods in human history: pre-stone tools, stone tools, metal tools, and modern tools. Each of these time periods had markedly different technologies, so showing these differences through the common ancestor of a spear allows the changes to be more easily visualized. I also want to show the different contexts in which these tools were made and used, mostly through survival, conflict, and sport.

Artist Bio

Brenna Ashby spent the last four years at UConn, taking a variety of courses from creative writing to chemistry, in order to immerse herself in as many fields of study as possible. She is majoring in 3D Animation as well as a minor in Anthropology. She wants to create work that bridges the gap between high scientific society and the average person. Too often, scientific papers and the scientific community in general speak to each other in a language that is almost foreign in nature, making it harder to understand the advancements that have been made without being part of the researchers who made them. Brenna's goal is to create animations that teach others and get them interested in topics that they may not have been able to understand otherwise. She wants people to feel the same passion for a subject as the person who is teaching it, and to put it in a unique and clear style that is appealing for everyone who sees it.


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